Oceans-EWS Treatment Limited provides international environmental wetland solutions (MSR™ Technology) for polluted wastewater solutions, industrial waste, contaminated land remediation and consultancy services. The team at Oceans-EWS has developed the theory and design of bio-remediation through wetland systems extensively over the last thirty years.

With the creation of Oceans-EWS Treatment Ltd, we have combined world leading experts in the wetland design field into one new Canadian company.

Oceans-EWS Treatment Limited is headquartered in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada and Barnsley, UK. The principals have over 40 years of experience in engineered wetland design with award winning projects in; Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East and Africa.

The UK Laboratory is situated in Barnsley, UK. This laboratory is equipped with equipment and expertise required to carry out water and soil sample analysis, and all wetland effluent treatment trials.

The board and key management personal are:

  • Glenn Sharp, P.Eng , Goobies, NL. President and Engineering Manager
  • Michelle Gill, Barnsley, UK. Managing Director
  • Dr. Lucian Gill, Barnsley, UK. V.P. Science & Technology